About Coe Drilling

Coe Drilling Pty Ltd is Australia’s longest established premier Horizontal Directional Drilling company. With over 300 projects completed in both Australia and overseas, our success lies in complex and more technical projects where clients need an experienced and strategic partner.

Our consultative and collaborative approach on design, engineering and construction of trenchless solutions means that together we can navigate each project’s unique challenges and conditions. Coe repeatedly demonstrates value for money by focusing on a client’s key requirements straight from the outset. We strive for innovation at every step.


With a reputation for technical expertise, we have consistently delivered whole-of-life solutions for high-profile industry sectors. Project risk; environmental and social impacts; delivery risk; and potential legal issues are all a part of business as usual. Industries we operate in include:

Oil & Gas



Water & Waste


Quanta Services

Coe is wholly owned by the Quanta Services Group (NYSE:PWR), a leading provider of specialised contracting services. Quanta delivers infrastructure solutions for the electric power and oil and gas industries. Quanta’s comprehensive services include designing, installing, repairing and maintaining energy infrastructure. Operations are based in United States, Canada and Australia and in select other international markets. For more information, visit quantaservices.com.

Coe operates through Quanta Services Australia and in collaboration with other Quanta owned companies. For overseas markets, Coe works closely with Mears Group, USA’s largest horizontal directional drilling company to provide us with opportunity to access a large resource pool of equipment, technology and most importantly skills.