With a reputation for technical expertise, we have consistently delivered whole-of-life solutions for high-profile industry sectors. Project risk; environmental and social impacts; delivery risk; and potential legacy issues are all a part of business as usual. Industries we operate in include:

Oil & Gas
Water & Wastewater

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is faced with tough environmental and challenging geotechnical conditions. Our success in this industry sector comes from utilising the latest design software. It will generate the design plan which accommodates the geotechnical information and allows for the project to be designed around various pipe materials to suit the crossing radius whilst maintaining the pipes structural integrity.

Case Study

Kilcunda HDD Shore Crossing

When Oil & Gas Contractors, Clough Australia was contracted to construct the BassGas project for Origin Energy, it needed a partner to provide certainty in delivering a HDD Shore Crossing in unpredictable sea state conditions with large swells and regular storm conditions.

Coe provided a trenchless solution to our client which minimised the risk for the HDD Shore Crossing. The scope of works undertaken by Coe included the stringing, welding and pre testing of a DN 355 API 5L X65 Naprock coated pipeline. The HDD Shore crossing would commence onshore in Victorian Dairy Farmlands and terminate in the Bass Strait in 22m of seawater. The pretested pipestring would be 1446m in length.

To manage the risk, Coe delivered the project utilising the onshore lands to fabricate and test the pipestring whilst the HDD construction works were being undertaken with the assistance of an offshore marine support crew and vessel. Ground conditions throughout the crossing included stiff clays and High Strength Sandstones in excess of 120 Mpa.

When the borehole was completed, Coe installed the pipestring utilising a HDD Thruster including the prelaying and stabilising of a 450m offshore section of pipestring.


Changing regulations, safety and quality standards, and environmental concerns are an ever-present challenge to utility companies responsible for installing and maintaining cables and conduits. Coe has the depth of knowledge to steer clients through the opportunities and pitfalls, adapting to the requirements that can create complex delivery scenarios.

Case Study

Yamba to Iluka

Coe Drilling was contracted by Country Energy ( Essential Energy) to design and construct an important Power network upgrade in Northern New South Wales.

The project involved the installation of a 11Kv power cable between Yamba and Iluka covering a distance of 3000m, with the installation of HDPE Conduits beneath the Clarence River, and the installation of the 11Kv power cable.

Case Study

Tiwi Island Darwin

Coe Drilling recently completed a project for the Northern Territory’s Power & Water Corporation as part of the Tiwi Islands Energy Solution Grid Connect Stage One Project.

The project entailed the design and construction of an 850m long DN 250 HDPE 100 PN 16 Electrical Conduit installation by the Horizontal Directional Drilling method between Bathurst Island and Melville Island.


The mining industry often involves difficult environmental and geotechnical conditions, coupled with remote locations and extreme weather patterns. Extensive pre-planning and coordination is the key to success in this industry. Different methodologies can be worked through and almost always leads to innovation and thinking ‘outside the box’ which comes from years of experience and knowledge of working across Australia and throughout the world.

Case Study

PNG Highlands Slurry Pipeline

When Ok Tedi Mining commenced the design of a 10″ steel coated tailings dam pipeline from its Tabubil Mine Site to a tailings dam in 2008, it needed to cross the Ok Tedi River. The rivers geological setting contained deep gravel, cobble and boulder deposits on both sides of the river overlaying Sandstones.

The Coe Trenchless Solution included setting in place 20″ steel conductor casings approximately 80m in length each at both HDD Entry and Exit locations. Such complex methodologies installed in the remote PNG Highlands challenged Coe in all phases of the project from Mobilisation through to Construction and Execution of the challenging HDD Crossing.

The ultimate success of the pipeline installation led Ok Tedi to call on Coe a second time in 2012 to provide a similar HDD solution, and install a second parallel crossing.

Water & Waste Water

In solving a problem for a client, we were the first in Australia to use innovative HDD intersect technology. We teamed up with our sister company from the US, Mears Group to complete the deepest recorded HDPE crossing in Australia.

Case Study

Gladstone Harbour and Intersect Crossings

In mid-2011, Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) awarded the Gladstone Harbour HDD Crossing contract for the Curtis Island Water and Trade Waste Project to Coe Drilling.

The Curtis Island Water and Trade Waste Infrastructure Project involved the construction of portable water and sewer pressure mains between the Gladstone mainland and Curtis Island (2150m) to facilitate the provision of utility services to meet the growth associated with LNG facilities in the area.

Case Study

Iluka Ebb Tide River Release

Early in 2012 NSW Public Works awarded the construction of the Iluka Ebb Tide River Release to Coe Drilling. The project formed part of the greater Iluka Sewerage Scheme.

The Iluka Sewerage Scheme was developed to provide a reticulated sewage system to the Iluka Township. This included the construction of a sewage treatment plant, pump stations and collection network. Coe Drilling was contracted to complete the construction of a HDD Ebb Tide River Release, with a reinforced concrete Diffuser Structure constructed on the river bed.

This would facilitate the release of raw treated water from the treatment plant when an alternative use (ie irrigation) was not possible.

Case Study

Brisbane River Crossing

Coe Drilling recently completed a HDD River Crossing for the Bartleys Hil to Wellers Hill Water Supply Zone pipeline project constructed by Comdain Infrastructure for Queensland Urban Utilities.

The project designed and constructed by Coe using a DN 800 HDPE 100 PN 20 fusion butt welded pipeline which was 1084m in length – with the objective to increase network redundancy by constructing a new strategic supply link between the Bartleys Hill Water Supply Zone (BHWSZ) and Wellers Hill Water Supply Zone (WHWSZ).


Coe started in the HDD industry in Australia in the 1990’s primarily servicing the Australian telecommunications industry in the installation of the first fibre optic infrastructure network. Often we find clients in this sector are faced with challenges to place assets in sensitive locations or congested urban areas. This requires the experience and knowledge in the design and engineering phase to minimise risk of project execution and potential legal issues.

Case Study


Pipe Networks contracted Coe Drilling to install a HDD Shore Crossing for the Australian landing of its 6,900km long PIPE Pacific Cable-1 (PPC-1) Fibre Optic cable. The cable links Australia, PNG and Guam.

This project, for Pipe Networks, included the construction of a 1540m long HDD Shore Crossing in 25m water depth and landing facilities at Collaroy on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, as well as the terrestrial duct installations between the beach manhole and the data center at Cromer 4 km away.

Case Study

Australia to Singapore Fibre Optics

Coe Drilling recently completed a HDD shore crossing for the 4,650km long Australia Singapore Cable Installation project for Vocus – for the Fibre Optic Cable links Perth Western Australia to Singapore via Jakarta Indonesia.

This project included the HDD Shore crossing and landing facilities at City Beach in Perth – with Coe designing and constructing a 740m long steel duct HDD Shore Crossing, which included locating the HDD Drill rig within a carpark behind the popular beach.

Case Study

Indigo Shore Crossing – Coogee Beach Fibre Optics

Coe Drilling recently completed a HDD shore crossing for the 4,850km long Indigo Central Cable Installation project for Subpartners. The Fibre Optic Cable links Sydney New South Wales to Perth Western Australia and onwards 4,600 km to Jakarta and Singapore.

This project, for Subpartners, included the HDD Shore crossing and landing facilities at Coogee Beach on Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs where Coe designed and constructed a 1940m long twin duct HDD Shore Crossing.